Kandy Esala Perahera

The month of (July) Esala - [according to Buddhist month system], during which period this annual pageant is usually hold, had been considered a month of celebrations and festivity, both among Indians and Sri Lankans. Even from the lifetime of the Buddha in the 6th century BC, the Esala festival was held to commemorate the Buddha’s Conception, his Renunciation and the First Sermon. Esala is also considered to be the beginning of the raining season (Vassana) when the monks commence their Retreat. Also, this month is considered to be the period when ritual performances to the protective divinities are held, (eg Pattini puja) as recorded in the text ‘Pattini-Halla’. Being considered a ‘chaste’ month, the period is held sacred for the availability of water, hence prosperity.

Kandy Perahara is the main Buddhist event in SriLanka, as a Buddhist country this festival is fully conducted by sri lankan government. "Dalada maligawa" is the main temple of all, so this festival is called as the heart beat of Sri Lankans which is most awaited through the year. thousands of devotees gather to see the "perahara" on this season and more than 50 elephants, +2000 artists  take part in this event,



Most of the rituals are hidden and unseen, we were able to get some rare shots of dressing the elephant which carries the relic in perahara, and this time [2012] the elephant is called "Nadungamuwe Raja", and there is an amazing history about those elephants who carries the sacred relic and among those the most famous one is "Raja" who passed away few years ago and still makes people cry when they see him at its museum. , if you visit "Dalada Maligawa" dont miss Raja's museum next  to the temple at left side.


Esala Perahara

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