Diving at Trincomalee

Eastern and southern coasts of Sri Lanka are of such variety, the amateur scuba divers as well as the experienced scuba divers revel in the opportunities presented. Sri Lanka’s scuba diving sits offer opportunities to all to enjoy Wreck Diving and explore reefs and their abundance of marine life. Sri Lanka isn’t another diving destination; it is a serious diving destination. And it is an all-round the year scuba diving destination. Dive site Lanka offer PADI certifications that may take about 3 to 4 days at competitive rates.


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Kabbale Kanda Trail

Kanneliya Forest Reserve located in theGalledistrict is the largest of the KDN, or Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya, forest complex. Kanneliya supposed to be the most biologically diverse forest in the country which even surpasses theSinharajaRain Forestin terms of bio-diversity.

The Kanneiliya Conservation Centre is the only designated entry point of this complex. The trail to Kabbale Mountain and Anagimale Falls is the longest and the most adventurous walk you can do in Kanneliya Reserve.

This trail starts off from the Kanneliya Conservation Centre. It first climbs up to theKabbaleMountainPeakwhere a panoramic view of the KDN complex can be seen. The trail completes the circle climbing down to the “Anagimale” water fall and winding through the forest along an abandoned logging trail back to the conservation center.



Sinigama Esala Festival

Sinigama Devalaya (temple) is located on Galle - Colombo main road 3km before Hikkaduwa,the well known tourism paradise. This temple is devoted for god "Dewol" since 300 years, some folks says this temple is older than 1000 years but there are no proves.

There are two temples, the main Devalaya is on land and other is an island, only way to reach that is a boat. Thousands of pilgrims are coming to this temple daily to get blessings & the annual Festival will held on August every year.


Cultural Show

Before the first procession there is a cultural show, some dancing items are going to take part in this event and the dancers shows their talents on this day.



There are four processions, two day processions & two night processions. First procession is towards Thelwaththa ancient temple and second is towards Hikkaduwa town. Giant tuskers, facinating kandiyan and low country dancers makes Galle - Colombo main road look fabulous. Photos below are from those four processions.


Special thanks to Mr.Sampath Viraj & Mr.Nishantha who gave us the opportunity to cover the event.