Hidden waterfalls in Sinharaja

In the rain forest conservation of Sinharaja a world heritage there are 19 waterfalls. They are, Pathanoya Falls, Suduwalikotha Falls, Brahmana Falls, Lankagama Uran Watuna Falls, Hathbinna Falls, Malmora Falls, Bambaraweldola Doovili Falls, Batakotuwala Falls, Little Princess Falls, Pittakale Doovilli falls, Neluwa Doovilli falls, Wathugala falls, Lankagama Kekuna Falls, Illukumbakanda Doovilli falls, Galoruwa Falls, Nellugolla Falls and Beraliya Dola Falls respectively. Adventives spices of fish, birds live here. Ancient Arab traveler Batuta had mentioned the aesthetic splendor of these falls.

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