Located in the Galle District. The Kannelia Forest Reserve is the largest forest complex in KDN or Kannelia-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya. Kannaliya is the most biologically diverse forest in the country, surpassing even the Sinharaja rainforest in biodiversity.

The Kanneiliya Conservation Centre is the only designated entry point of this complex. The trail to Kabbale Mountain and Anagimale Falls is the longest and the most adventurous walk you can do in Kanneliya Reserve.

This trail starts off from the Kanneliya Conservation Centre. It first climbs up to the Kabbale Mountain Peak where a panoramic view of the KDN complex can be seen. The trail completes the circle climbing down to the “Anagimale” water fall. Then winding through the forest along an abandoned logging trail back to the conservation center.