Knuckles Range is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka, suitable for both amateur and veteran climbers. You can choose to climb 2 to 8 km and find a variety of bird species, animals, plants and fauna.


It covers both the Kandy and Matale districts of Sri Lanka. The Knuckles range can be reached from Matale, Kandy, Wategama, Laggala and Hasalaka. Covering an area of ​​18,512 hectares, this popular tourist attraction has an ecosystem unique to Sri Lanka. The main mountain range stretches for 12 miles. Slopes are a major source of many rivers in Sri Lanka. The Hulu River, the Heen River and the Black River all start from the Knuckles Mountains, and climbers will surely be delighted by the waterfalls and streams they can find.

Flora and Fauna

Of the 141 species of flowers, 250 species of trees found in this mountain range are said to be endemic to this 160 species. Knuckles wildlife visitors can also find a wide variety of large animals such as birds and elephants, deer, squirrels, wild boar and leopard, too. There is so much to discover and explore in this popular attraction in Sri Lanka.

Our Hiking and camping photos

These photos were taken between Bambarella and Meemure villages (35 Km). There are no foot paths from Batagalla to Meemure. The only help out there was our map and the compass. We came to Bambarella by bus (B205), from Bambarella to Batagalla there is a minor road. Batagalla is the last place that we found human activities since we reach to Meemuree. After Batagalla we started to climb the rock mountain called “Rilagala” (1604.77).

Then on the second day we started to follow the tiny water stream which becomes a handy river called “Heen Gaga” at Meemuree. We were beaten by the nature several times along the root of the water stream, we were challenged by shocking dedends, mystic water holes, waterfalls, leeches and lot more, due to those reasons we missed lots of shots. This mystic jungle is thousand times beautiful than these photos, we say it because we saw that magic. Special thanks to Mr Dayalan at Batagalla villege and Mr Vijitha, a government officer at Meemuree that helped us a lot.