Namunukula Mountain Range is famed for being an adventurer’s paradise with a love for nature and all things exotic, as the ‘Nine Peaks’ mountains range is a treasure trove of nature, boasting of endemic flora and fauna, along with a majestic peak wilderness that allows you to witness the serenity of the central highlands; an embodiment of the teardrop shaped island.

Although considered by many to be a medium difficulty level peak to climb, due to the relatively well carved out trails, the Namunukula Mountain Range is really quite a daunting peak.

Towering 2,035-metres above sea level and overlooking the pristine mountains of the countryside, draped in their elegant greenery, the highest peak of the mountain range is officially the 12th highest peak in the country.

Being the 12th highest peak in the country, the peak can be seen clearly from the town of Badulla and from the summit of the Ella Rock, making the mountain range a prominent one.

Presently, the Namunukula Mountain Range has a number of trails to reach the summit; some which take you through pine forests and dense tea plantations.

Every trail you take is always full of surprises, due to the differing vistas it provides of the hill country, along with the presence of an array of unique flora and fauna.

The summit, however, is the highlight of the mountain range, as it is home to two unique shrines that many people camp near and seek blessings from the deities, so as to witness the majestic sunset and sunrise over the distant horizon.

Making it all the more enticing, is the breathtaking views it gives of the surrounding mountains and the distant town of Badulla.