St. Clair’s Falls is one the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka.(“Bomburu Ella” in Welimada is the Widest Waterfall in Sri Lanka) St. Clair’s Falls called, the “Little Niagara of Sri Lanka”. Also The falls is one of the most politically discussed environmental entity in Sri Lanka.

It is situated 3 km west of the town of Talawakele on the Hatton-Talawakele Highway in Nuwara Eliya District. The falls derived its name from a nearby tea estate. St. Clair’s Fall is 80m high and hence 20th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. St. Clair’s falls comprises two falls called “Maha Ella” (Sinhalese “The Greater Fall”) and “Kuda Ella,” (Sinhalese “The Lesser Fall”) which is 50m high and was created by a tributary of Kotmale Oya.