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knuckles trail

Knuckles Range Hike

  Knuckles Range is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka, suitable for both amateur and veteran climbers. You can choose to climb 2 to...
yala national park sri lanka

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the second most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. It actually consists of five blocks, two of...
madu river

Madu River Boat Safari

Madu river photo collection. The swampy marshlands that surround the Madu River are under protection of the government of Sri Lanka. Also it is a...

Namunukula Mountains

  Namunukula Mountain Range is famed for being an adventurer’s paradise with a love for nature and all things exotic, as the ‘Nine Peaks’ mountains...
hatton sri pada root

Hatton – Sri Pada Trail

Hatton -> Dickoya -> Norwood -> Maskeliya -> Maussakelle -> Nallathanni, Dalhousie Distance from Hatton is 32km Roads are paved all the...

Diving Trincomalee

Eastern and southern coasts of Sri Lanka are of such variety, the amateur scuba divers as well as the experienced scuba divers revel in...

Diving Hikkaduwa

A wide coral reef surrounds Sri Lanka’s coast at intervals, from north to south, providing excellent sites for skin-diving.Diving Flag The discovery of the...
kabbale kanda

Kabbale Kanda Trail

Located in the Galle District. The Kannelia Forest Reserve is the largest forest complex in KDN or Kannelia-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya. Kannaliya is the most biologically diverse...
kirigalpotta mountain trail

Kirigalopoththa Hike

  Kirigalpottha Mountain is second highest mountain of Sri Lanka. Situated in Horton Plains national park, Sri Lanka. Highest mountain of Sri Lanka is Piduruthalagala...