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hatton sri pada root

Hatton – Sri Pada Trail

Hatton -> Dickoya -> Norwood -> Maskeliya -> Maussakelle -> Nallathanni, Dalhousie Distance from Hatton is 32km Roads are paved all the...

Udamalimboda Sri Pada Trail

kabbale kanda

Kabbale Kanda Trail

  Kanneliya Forest Reserve located in the Galledistrict is the largest of the KDN, or Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya, forest complex. Kanneliya supposed to be the most biologically...
kirigalpotta mountain trail

Kirigalopoththa Hike

  Kirigalpottha Mountain is second highest mountain of Sri Lanka. Situated in Horton Plains national park, Sri Lanka. Highest mountain of Sri Lanka is Piduruthalagala...
knuckles trail

Knuckles Range Hike

  Knuckles Range is one such popular tourist attraction in Sri Lanka that is ideally suited for both amateur and veteran hikers. You can pick...