The official Sri Pada season begins in December and ends in April. This is the best weather period. Avoid long weekends and full moon days during this time, unless you are enjoying a crowded path as you approach the Summit. This root is not recommended unless you are an experienced adventurer. The first 8 km of this route passes through remote forests and the weather during the monsoon months can be extremely dangerous. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places.

Deraniyagala Udamaliboda Trail is the lowest route to Adam’s peak. It is one of the most difficult of the junctions to reach Sri Pada, as most of the trails pass through the jungle of the highland desert sanctuary with narrow footpaths and rough feet. It also involves crossing several waterways with the risk of rapid flooding. The first 8km is not close to any human existence and this distance also contributes to its difficulty. So if you haven’t any experience,  it is not recommended to try this route in the coming season. Even during the season, one must be well prepared and most importantly, get started quickly when trying these trails.